In 2012 the Live Chat Alternative was born. The trigger was the drive of our team to create a service that helps the business to build a sustainable connection with its clients over time and eliminate the intense complexity of customer engagement in real-time.

There were 3 main questions that we asked ourselves:

    • How can people build an interpersonal connection with an online business?
    • How can you (the business) communicate with your customers with the same level of effectiveness you do offline – for example in your office or your local store?
    • Is it possible to make the real communication as simple as adding a button to a web page?

Furthermore, an important observation was that people usually don’t communicate with other people by filling out a form and clicking submit. Building interpersonal connections with your customers and website visitors require a piece of live contact.

                                                                       That is what the Live Chat Alternative does!

The Live Chat Alternative provides its clients with a very powerful solution that is easy-to-use on daily basis. There is no need to be an IT expert to give your business the edge that will result in faster growth.

Our mission at the Live Chat Alternative is to “help you get more inquiries from your website and increase sales”. This is why we are giving every new user of our service 15 minutes call time per month (local and international calls) completely FREE OF CHARGE.


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