Best Live Chat Alternative for Financial Institutions

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Live Chat Alternative for Financial Institutions

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Build instant client Trust in your financial services

With the Live Chat Alternative, site visitors will be able to build instant “Trust” in your services. Remove their hesitations to start using your financial products and receive answers to the questions they may have in order to start.

It helps us to establish short conversations with prospective clients and to make them feel confident that what we offer on our sites and brochures fully matches their expectations.

- Terry Scott, Sales and Marketing manager at "Gentos Finance"

Enterprise level of security

Security, privacy and integrity are our top priorities. We know how important are security and privacy for your business.  Live Chat Alternative provides enhanced levels of security with military-grade encryption. Via our EU and US data centers we cover GDPR & Privacy Shield policies.

The way Live Chat Alternative increases the new clients base

It captures the attention of online clients who are looking for financial products but have some doubts and hesitations to chose you. This usually happens because any client can compare more than 6 to 12 financial companies before making a choice. This is the reason why many clients are “just looking” at your financial institution website and leaving it without even saying “Hello”. 

Trust Building Service

The Live Chat Alternative is a trust building service because it allows prospective clients to call you without leaving their “comfort zone”, which in this case is their web browser. This also helps some “shy” customers to contact you. Building trust is the major key to success in the financial industry. Building trust over the phone is much faster and easy and leads to 20% more sales.

The communication established with the Live Chat Alternative is perfect to uncover the full set of needs of our clients.

- James Winston, Sales manager at "Century Financial Group"

Customer story - BNP Pariba Personal Finance

BNP Pariba Personal Finance reduced the cost for new client acquisition be 22% while keeping their day-to-day operations routine with no changes.

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Those are some of the financial institutions that are already using the Live Chat Alternative

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Purchasing traditional LiveChat software will uncover hidden costs like chat agents’ salaries and others. In differentiation to it, Live Chat Alternative utilizes your existing telephone lines to increase your sales volume without making changes in your staff’s daily routine and without the necessity of hiring new people.