Best Live Chat Alternative for Forex Platforms

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Engage your first time customers and build trust

boost customer confidence in your financial services live chat alternative

Boost the customer's confidence in your service and product offerings

The Forex market is the largest financial market in the world and customers have different types of motivations to start working with you. With the Live Chat alternative you will be able the boost the customer’s confidence in your service and product offerings.  

Above all, this helps customers to ensure that all issues and concerns, if there are any, will be resolved in a quick and respectful manner.

The Live Chat Alternative is effective for closing the gap between traders and brokers. It plays a fundamental role for the future collaboration.

- Patrick Bak, Support Manager at "FX Insights Lab"

Get more hot leads from your site

The Live Chat Alternative’s animated button is the best way to capture the attention of traders that visit your site.  With Live Chat Alternative you help clients contact you with a single click, turning them into hot leads for your business.

No more searching for contact forms and obsolete chat windows.

get more leads from your website make more money
free of charge calls for traders live chat alternative

Free of charge calls for traders

When a client starts a contact with you – they are looking for profit, so having them pay for the first and all following calls doesn’t really fit the picture, especially if the customer is somewhere abroad. Traders will be more willing to get in touch with you if they know that it does not cost them a dime. 

The Live Chat Alternative service offers globally free calls for your clients.

The easiest way to win client's trust

Verbal communication, as in real life, is the fastest proven way for building trust. While different chat solutions are trying to convince you that chatting is the best way to communicate with your clients, you know deep inside that this is not the case. The reassurance and confidence in the voice of the agent is impossible to be transmitted using chat windows.

All the time wasted in waiting for chat replies could be utilized in making money.

win client trust make more money with live chat alternative
Get Started with Live Chat Alternative
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Purchasing traditional LiveChat software will uncover hidden costs like chat agents’ salaries and others. In differentiation to it, Live Chat Alternative utilizes your existing telephone lines to increase your sales volume without making changes in your staff’s daily routine and without the necessity of hiring new people.