Best Live Chat Alternative for E-Governments

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Improve public services and increase the public rating of your institution

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Citizens today expect more transparent, accessible, and responsive services from the public sector.

- McKinsey and Company report on
"Implementing a citizen-centric approach to delivering government services"

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Better accessibility and responsiveness

The traditional way of visiting an institution in person is becoming outdated. Citizens seek more accessibility and responsiveness, similar to their experience in the private sector. Using the Live Chat Alternative is easy. It is cost-effective compared to other live chat solutions and there is no need for change in everyday operations of the institution.

The interpersonal contact results in more satisfied citizens and an increase in public rating.

Modernized Communication

 Many local and state governments are already taking steps into the digital world via mobile applications and websites designed to speed up paying taxes, service requests, and registering for programs. We all know it is true that people prefer talking over other methods of communication. It is the main way we communicate with each other. 

This makes Live Chat Alternative especially useful for elderly citizens as one click is all it takes them to connect with you and receive the information they seek.

Let Live Chat Alternative modernize your communication channels!

The best communication channel

Government entities can benefit from Live Chat Alternative as a real-time communication channel with citizens. It allows constituents to connect with government representatives free of charge from all around the world. Compared to other communication channels, the Live Chat Alternative is the most cost-effective and the easiest to use.
the best communication channel live chat alternative

Free access to our municipality's services is what we use the Live Chat Alternative for. The service is easily recognizable by our citizens.

- eng. Atanas Sirekov, Information Services at "Municipality of Burgas"

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One click access to all departments

With the Live Chat Alternative visitors can call your main phone and all other department’s phone numbers. With the hyperlink feature of Live Chat Alternative, visitors will be able to immediately start a call and connect with the desired department with a single click. 

Easy and secure!

Website visitors can easily call you from every place in the world and be sure that the call is completely free for them. You on the other side can see from where they are calling – exact geolocation in the moment of the call, moreover you can see their phone number or IP address depending on what device they use to connect with you. 

The Live Chat Alternative’s connection is encrypted and secure. The service is GDPR and US Privacy Shield compliant – personal data security and confidentiality are guaranteed.

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The Live Chat Alternative is used by more than 80 E-gov websites, some of our clients are:

Live Chat Alternative the number one customer communication platform in the world
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Purchasing traditional LiveChat software will uncover hidden costs like chat agents’ salaries and others. In differentiation to it, Live Chat Alternative utilizes your existing telephone lines to increase your sales volume without making changes in your staff’s daily routine and without the necessity of hiring new people.