Live Chat Alternative for the Automotive Industry

Speed ahead of the competition by offering an outstanding automotive customer service

Turn interactions into transactions

Car shoppers have a lot of questions — and dealerships need to be available to answer all of them, quickly and concisely. Give consumers quick fingertip access to your team to guide them through the buying process.

The Conversational Dealership

Buying car parts or selling your vehicle using live chats or message forms has proved to be ineffective to say the least. It’s a fact that auto part shoppers and car owners prefer live communication over any other form of communication. Live Chat Alternative is the one powerful tool that helps you to create interpersonal connections with your customers. With it, car dealers can offer higher quality service and better buying or selling experience to their customers. Win more loyal customers and increase the authority of your dealership with the Live Chat Alternative.

An Amazing Live Chat Alternative


Shopping made easier

Improve the buyer journey. 85% of customers mainly do their car research and shopping online. Help them along that journey using our communication tool to talk directly, share rich media, financial documents and more — all through one, easy-to-use platform.

Riding shotgun for your buyers

Potential car buyers prefer to research online, but more than 75% of them report that when it comes to filling forms or making an inquiry they are more likely to have a conversation with a representative.
Give car shoppers fast access to your team with Live Chat Alternative, and let your agents turn potential clients into real customers with the best communication tool in the automotive industry.

Smooth and speedy servicing

Car owners are reasonable to be protective and before servicing their car they will always need to have a conversation first. Using Live Chat Alternative as a communication tool increases trust levels by giving customers a free of charge, easy-to-use solution to connect with your team. Owners will be able to move faster and smoother from appointment to checkout while increasing your servicing revenue.

Trade-ins success

When looking to trade-in their car customers are looking for leadership and knowledge of the industry. With Live Chat Alternative they will have the tool to easily contact you for advice on their car’s value. This will help to remove barriers to purchasing and increase sales conversion rates.

Easily identify the customer's profile

The first job of the good and experienced car dealer is to understand customers and help them get the best-suitable vehicle or automotive part in the situation. With the Live Chat Alternative you can quickly identify what the customer already knows and what they still need to learn. Help them buy exactly what they want and need.

The best sales process starts with understanding the customer needs. Focus on the specific vehicle features that matter the most to the individual customer.

- Vincent Everette, Sale Consultant at "VE cars Co"

Put your strong consultation skills in use

When customers reach you, it is time to put your strong consultation skills in use. They are contacting you in search of your leadership and advice to help them figure out which is the right vehicle for them. This is something that is nearly impossible to provide with live chats or regular chat solutions. The Live Chat Alternative is the best way to present your skills and capture customers when they are on the decision-making journey.

Best sales happen with the Live Chat Alternative

Live Chat Alternative is a great helping tool for the sales team. They can use it for clarifying orders, presenting sales offers, payments and all other needs related to the customer service on your automotive site! With the vast information available on internet, customers are now better prepared when they contact you. Quickly help them to find what they want.

The Live Chat Alternative is valuable to us as it helps us to meet customers when they are on their decision-making journey.

- Vincent Everette, Sale Consultant at "VE cars Co"

The perfect customer service for the automotive industry!

In order to serve more clients with online chat, one agent usually needs to be trained and quite experienced to provide a great service. This can easily cost a lot of money, time and efforts for your business. If your agents are not well-trained, the customer service of more than one customer on chat could significantly reduce the quality of service. That’s why with Live Chat Alternative you can avoid a lot of time wasting, resources and unsatisfied customers! 

With Live Chat Alternative you don’t need additional investment and training of your employees. Good employees just get a very nice tool to show their abilities and great attitude to customers. The communication over the phone itself allows a very high level of customer service, which would reduce the time for serving customers and increase the capacity to get more customers!

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Purchasing traditional LiveChat software will uncover hidden costs like chat agents’ salaries and others. In differentiation to it, Live Chat Alternative utilizes your existing telephone lines to increase your sales volume without making changes in your staff’s daily routine and without the necessity of hiring new people.