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Many business industries - ONE Solution!

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turn travel inquiries into bookings

The Live Chat Alternative
for the Travel Industry

Engage travelers in real-time and help them clear any doubts they have regarding the desired holiday event. The Live Chat Alternative helps many travel companies get more clients and turn more travel inquiries into bookings!

The Live Chat Alternative
solution for Hotels

The Live Chat Alternative connects tourists from all over the world directly with your hotel reception. Get more direct bookings from your site and increase the profit from reservations made with the Live Chat Alternative – without changing the way you work! 

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build client trust with live chat alternative

The Live Chat Alternative
for Financial Services

With Live Chat Alternative, website visitors will be able to build instant “Trust” in your services. Remove their hesitations to start using your financial products and receive answers to the questions they may have in order to start.

The Live Chat Alternative
for Online Shops

The Live Chat Alternative captures your website visitors attention and turns them into customers. Increase the sales from your website! The live connection via phone with offers overall better customer care and leads to improved customer satisfaction. Happy customers are willing to add more products in the cart – help them buy more!

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live chat alternative for recruitment

The Live Chat Alternative
for Recruitment

Make your recruitment process easier with the Live Chat Alternative! Your recruitment agency can be easily accessible for job candidates. Clarify any concerns that job applicants might have – do it easy with just one conversation! Using Live Chat Alternative for the recruitment process is a time winning and effort saving solution. 

The Live Chat Alternative
for Advisers

The first contact is crucial for advisers. It is the moment when advisors need to build trust and interpersonal connection with clients! There is no better way to win trust than to greet customers with a confident voice and let them know that you are the right professional they can rely on!  When it comes down to mentoring and consulting services the Live Chat Alternative is a perfect solution for advisers.

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boost customer confidence in your financial services live chat alternative

The Live Chat Alternative
for Forex Platforms

The most important success factor in the Forex industry today is Customer Experience (CX). It starts from the moment customers land on your site for the first time and it entirely depends on how well your business navigates the customer journey. The Live Chat Alternative Forex Edition is here to help you build trust and engage with your first-time customers.

The Live Chat Alternative
for Schools and Educational Institutions

The constantly growing competition between schools, colleges and universities for prospective students leads to rise in the expenses for new student acquisition. The Live Chat Alternative is helping educational institutions, schools and training centers to attract more students and to offer assistance  during their studentship.

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live chat alternative for the automotive industry

The Live Chat Alternative
for the Automotive Industry

You are speeding a few steps ahead of the competition when using the Live Chat Alternative! Help your customers choose the right products they look for! Give them the chance to easily connect with your sales team and to make them happy customers. Win their trust and they will surely choose you as their vehicle and car parts dealer!

The Live Chat Alternative
for E-Gov websites

The Live Chat Alternative is used by more than 80 e-government and public administration websites. Thanks to the Live Chat Alternative, gov sites provide easy and free access to the services they offer! This increases the overall rating of the institutions and make citizens more happy and satisfied that they can contact the public administration free of charge from all over the world.

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Purchasing traditional LiveChat software will uncover hidden costs like chat agents’ salaries and others. In differentiation to it, Live Chat Alternative utilizes your existing telephone lines to increase your sales volume without making changes in your staff’s daily routine and without the necessity of hiring new people.