The Builder's Tools Ltd.

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The Builder’s Tools Ltd. offers professional solutions in the field of construction, hand and power tools, machines and construction supplies. They are among the top ten online shops in that field with more than 33,000 products in their catalog. The company stated operating in 1999 with fasteners trading. Due to the growing needs and interest of its clients, The Builder’s Tools started selling hand and power tools of reputable brands.

The Builder’s Tools chain got service stations, warehouses and demonstration areas. Big part of the total product sales come from the online shop and it is an essential part of the company’s success. To present the best service to its clients, the company offers professional advises for every client when it comes down to buying the right product in accordance to the way of working, the working conditions and the budget. 

"We are using the Live Chat Alternative service for more than 6 months and we've upgraded our monthly plan 3 times during that period as we saw gradual increase in usage from our visitors that often results in sales."
Victor Todorov
Chief Marketing Officer

The Challenge:

The company was looking to increase the number of online sales, improve the rate of website visitor retention and turn the bigger part of them into clients. Furthermore, The Builder’s Tools wanted to provide fast and pleasant service without major changes in their workflow.

Main Objectives:

  • Implement a service that will drive more online sales
  • Improve the percentage of website visitor retention
  • Provide useful information to customers before and during the purchase

The Live Chat Alternative Solution Results

1 %
more sales over the phone
1 x
better customer support than live chat
phone sale live chat alternative
live chat alternative increase sales power tools

“From our point of view the Live Chat Alternative is a great service to increase sales and attract the attention of store visitors. We think that the green headset button is easily recognized by our clients and visitors. When they have questions regarding their purchases, one of the first things they do is to navigate straight to the one click call.”

“It is great that we are able to use our already existing phone numbers for the service. That was a great benefit for us as it did not required any changes in our daily workflow.”

Victor Todorov

Chief Marketing Officer

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