How does Live Chat Alternative work?

how does the live chat alternative work

Convert more website visitors with Live Chat Alternative

Live Chat Alternative is a software that helps you convert more website visitors through personal voice conversations withоut making changes in your daily routine.

It is better than the traditional online chat, and it is built for businesses that use phone calls as a main method of communication with customers.

Live Chat Alternative allows site visitors to initiate a personal voice conversation with your company representatives. Visitors can initiate calls free of charge from anywhere in the world and from any device they are currently using to browse on(laptop, tablet, mobile phone…) without installing any app.

The software connects site visitors directly to your existing telephone and makes it possible for you to start using it without changing the daily workflow routine.

the #1 live chat tool for business

#1 Online chat for business​

Many customers still prefer to call companies when they need customer service. This is why our live chat system became the #1 online chat for business.

Business Live Chat system

Companies using the Live Chat Alternative report 10 – 20% more sales from their websites compared to other online live chat solutions. This is why they ranked our live chat software as the best business live chat system to increase online sales. Clients also report that closing deals over the phone is 10x more effective than texting.

business live chat system
customers can connect with you from every device

Every Device

Customers can call and message you no matter the device they’re using to research (smartphone, tablet, desktop) and your team can respond on the phone number you designate. Our live chat system is functional from any device without the need to install any software. It just works!


It is nearly impossible to be online 24/7 to receive calls and you no longer have to be. When you are not available, the Live Chat Alternative becomes a powerful tool for visitor inquiries. 

Our unique call and online messaging solution helps your company be there, ready to help whenever customers reach out. 

Never allow your site visitors to think that there is no one there to take care of them as it often happens with other software solutions that offer online chat for business.

customer can connect with you anytime
customers can connect with you from everywhere


There is no limit! Your website visitors can contact you from everywhere!

Turn any web page on your website into a real-time conversation, so you can quickly answer questions and provide additional information to close the deal. 

Even more… you can route these inquiries to your sales team or whoever is responsible.


With our live chat system, your website visitors can phone or message you in a click. It’s a great way to boost your service, sales and more… and keep your customers happy 🙂

  • Receive visitor calls straight on your existing landline or cell phone
  • Use call recording – and never miss a thing.
customers call your business
customers can send you messages

Messages Form

Whether you are in working hours or off-hours, website visitors will have the option to message you directly with their inquiries. 

You will receive their inquiries right to the e-mail address that you designate. 

Rich Analytics

Make sure every engagement is smarter, more relevant and more likely to convert a website visitor into a buyer. Our live chat system support features like call recording, geo-location data and other tools that give you valuable information to personalize the buying experience.

get rich analytics data
full control over your live chat tool

Full Control

Call monitoring – Every call is recorded and sent to an email of your choice, promoting accountability, training opportunities and quality assurance.

Message monitoring – With built-in online message report and the data available in your admin panel you can always track the performance of your support team.

Business Processes Integration – our live chat system easily integrates into company business processes. Which means there is no need for additional team members, devices or software. As a result there is nothing you need to change in your daily work. Integration takes minutes!

Explore ways to use Live Chat Alternative
for growth and success


Close more deals and increase your sales around the clock with the next level sales tool!

Trust Building

Quickly build trust with your website visitors and easily increase consumer confidence.

Lead Generation

Capturing and converting more hot leads has never been easier. Engage your visitors in real-time better than ever.

Better Customer Service

Calls and messaging lets you connect personally to each visitor on your site, increasing retention and conversions as you level up customer service.

Customer Support

It is the fastest way to support your customers. Solve problems right as they appear. Once a customer asks you a question, you can respond in seconds. It’s fast and makes for one amazing customer support.

Toll Free Replacement

0800 numbers are obsolete. In today's' world, toll free phones do not persuade people to initiate a call. Instead they are motivated by convenience which Live Chat Alternative provides.

Live Chat Alternative the number one customer communication platform in the world
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Purchasing traditional LiveChat software will uncover hidden costs like chat agents’ salaries and others. In differentiation to it, Live Chat Alternative utilizes your existing telephone lines to increase your sales volume without making changes in your staff’s daily routine and without the necessity of hiring new people.