How The Municipality of Burgas increased their public rating with Live Chat Alternative

The municipality of Burgas offered modernized communication to citizens and increased its public rating.


The public administration of Burgas strives to provide the citizens and tourists of the municipality area with secure and free of charge calls from anywhere in the world. 


Improve communication channel

International availability for local citizens and tourists

GDPR compliant service for call and email inquiries


Increased public rating.

Modernized communication channels. Free international communication with the government.

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Situated on the Black Sea shore, Burgas is one of the largest cities in Bulgaria. Being an administrative center – there are more than 230, 000 people living in the area. 

The city origins date back to the 4th century BC.  Burgas is the cultural center of the region and has a rich story over the centuries. 

The economy in the area is rapidly evolving in the past several years. The Burgas Port is the largest cargo port in Bulgaria. Since 2008 Burgas has been the host of “The spirit of Burgas’  which gathers world-famous musicians every August.

The municipality actively develops its tourism potentials: beaches, forests, and bioclimatic resources, mineral waters, healing mud, protected natural areas.



Use Case

Public Relations


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Increased Public Rating

The service provides easy access to the E-government from all around the world and free of charge. The Live Chat Alternative was immediately noticed by citizens and it wasn’t long before they started returning positive feedback.  

"The Municipality of Burgas has been using the Live Chat Alternative service from the beginning of 2017. During that time period, the service has become increasingly popular among citizens and tourists."
eng. Atanas Sirekov
Director of Information Services


Adding the Live Chat Alternative to the municipality’s website was quick and literary took few minutes. The Municipality wanted citizens to connect easily to all hotlines.

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Effortless Usage

The Live Chat Alternative uses the already existing phone numbers of the municipality. This lead to no change in the daily routines of the E-government employees. They began to provide information and answer to citizens’ enquiries right away.

Customer's feedback

The Municipality of Burgas sees the Live Chat Alternative as a modern communication tool to connect with citizens and tourists. In their opinion, it is a perfect solution for hotlines and 24 / 7 services. The free of charge calls are preferred by callers to receive detailed information regarding local events, projects, and international affairs.

Industry Trends

According to a report from McKinsey and Company citizens today expect more transparent, accessible and responsive services from the public sector. Many citizens still confirm that they are frustrated with troublesome websites and find it hard to reach the departments they are looking for. Live Chat Alternative helped the Municipality of Burgas to keep up with the rising demand to improve their digital presence.

The Live Chat Alternative Usage Results

The Municipality of Burgas successfully modernized its communication channels by adding the Live Chat Alternative. The service is getting more and more popular and recognized with time. Citizens living in the area and those currently abroad prefer to use it to easily connect with the E-government. The positive feedback from citizens increased the rating of the municipality significantly.

"I can easily say that the Live Chat Alternative has positioned itself as a tool for modern communication between citizens and public administration."
eng. Atanas Sirekov
Director of Information Services
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