Live chat alternative vs live chat vs chat bots?

 Nowadays there are a lot of live chat and live chat alternative solutions.

Live chat solutions

Most of them require an actual person sitting on the other end. Person to person connection is a great pick but that often proves to be hard to accomplish. When talking with live chat assistants customers are looking for immediate answers and usually, do not wait more than 5 minutes for that to happen. So if the assistant takes more time to answer the question – in most of the cases there is already nobody standing on the other side. When there is no one on the other side the customers see an offline message which is a clear indicator for them in most of the cases that they should move on to the next store.


Though all the chatbot solutions offer great service in their descriptions we all know they (chatbots) use a certain array of pre-defined answers such as “Hello, my name is….please leave your message here” or “we will come back at you as soon as we can” which, to be honest, is not much different than a regular offline contact form. The personal touch with the visitor is lost in general. Most buyers like to be contacted and targeted personally, too see that there is a real person on the other end and that they can rely on them to answer their questions adequately.

The Live Chat Alternative is unique in that regard as it offers a live chat alternative to its users.

The Live Chat Alternative adds this special personal touch that all buyers are looking for. It is much easier for them to call the merchant directly and ask them the question/s that they have regarding the product/service they are interested in. Not only that but the calls are free of charge for the shop users which can greatly benefit not only local customers but also international customers. Your shopper can connect with you with just one click from any device they are using to browse your shop. 

Customers love to be cared for. Offer your shopper one personalized support and you will immediately see the difference. Hearing you could be the make or break point of the potential sale.

Greenlight for Hotel Management.

The live chat alternative

Nowadays, your tourist’s demands and expectations are growing. That is the reality. The customer is always right is more than a law now. In every business field, the customers become more right than ever.  Stronger competition creates demanding audience!

The tourists use every opportunity to leave or share their feedback about their stay, not just in the hotel Book of complaints and suggestions, but to spread it all over the internet in form of reviews, customer ratings, forums, etc. Of course, the “old fashion” reviews such as mouth to mouth among friends and colleagues still have even the greatest impact, as the opinion maker.

But, the good Hotel Managements know how to take care for their guests. They know how to ensure top-level customer service, thus they can expect higher tourist’s satisfaction, but even the best manager needs the right equipment to achieve best possible results.

So, that’s where the live chat alternative comes as a powerful tool for good hotel management.

The live chat alternative is the service that helps you offering your guests to feel special since the first contact with your confided hotel.

The live chat alternative is your additional reservation channel, where the tourists make quickly their reservation either via voice call or via messaging. Their choice, but your profit.

The live chat alternative helps you attract the tourists to communicate and pay directly to you. That creates more personal attachment, so a greater chance of becoming a regular happy guest.

The live chat alternatives doesn’t change your workflow and current routine, thus no need for training

and no time wasted for learning. You have a helpful work tool, but you don’t spend money or time to learn how to work with it.

The live chat alternative is equipped with administrative panel accessible for the hotel management only. The person in charge can monitor and collect useful information. i.e tourists geolocation, messages, and call recordings, etc.

The live chat alternative gives green light for Hotel management whether you manage a 5* star downtown hotel or seaside Apart Hotel as the service is a general solution with flexible subscriptions according to the capacity of the hotel.

There is no need for extra staff on duty to lead and answer long conversation over chat window.

It is not necessary for employers on duty to waste time chatting and falling behind with other responsibilities.

This time hotel management has a useful combined solution to communicate with their quests.

 After spending so long time searching and trying different tools, your trials reaching their end. Greenlight for hotel management means the Green button of live chat alternative.