How Pamporovo PLC Hotels increased direct reservations with Live Chat Alternative

The company increased direct reservations from their website by 28%.


To satisfy the rapidly growing national and international tourist interest regarding the wide variety of services and events that Pamporovo PLC offers to its customers all year long.


More direct reservations

Improve international event awareness

Increase in pre-arrival activity booking


35% Increase in event bookings

28% More direct reservations from the website

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Pamporovo PLC is one of the most successful and experienced companies in the tourism and accommodation industry in Eastern Europe.

Our client is a proud owner and operator of the entire ski area in Pamporovo and two of the most emblematic 5-star hotels in the region – Orlovetz Hotel and Perelik Hotel.

The company organizes competitions under the patronage of the International Ski Federation (FIS) such as the Masters Cup, the European Alpine Ski Cup – Men 2012, European Ski Cup 2 x Giant Slalom – Women 2013, Freestyle Open (snowboard and ski freestyle competition) and many other national and international championships.



Use Case

Bookings & Reservations


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More Direct Reservations and Even Bookings

Pamporovo PLC started using the Live Chat Alternative to satisfy the rapidly growing international and local tourist interest regarding the wide variety of services and events that the company offers. Using the service they quickly saw an increase in direct hotel reservations and pre-arrival activity bookings.

"We believe that it provides an excellent added value to the products we have on our website and is an indispensable part of any destination portal or online store."
Gergana Sulindzhieva
Department of Marketing and Sales


As our clients mentioned it was very easy to get started with the service and implement in their workflow. No additional software, no need for new team members or training. Full integration took minutes.

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Effortless Usage

Pamporovo PLC started using the service immediately after it was active on the website. The calls were redirected to the receptionists and they were ready for new hotel reservations and event bookings.

Customer's feedback

Our partners from Pamporovo PLC made a survey on how clients reacted to the new service. According to the feedback, they managed to reach the project goals and also improved their overall customer experience. With the implementation of the Live Chat Alternative, all company locations started receiving more international inquiries without changing anything in their daily operations.

Industry Trends

Being less dependent on various 3rd party booking channel services is what most of the hotel owners are looking for. More direct reservations from the hotel’s website result in reduced cost per reservation and more revenue for hotels.

The Live Chat Alternative Usage Results

The results for Pamporovo PLC were higher than expected. The company reported a 35% increase in pre-event bookings compared to previous periods. Direct hotel reservations were also greatly increased by 28%, allowing the company to not only grow their revenue but also raise the profit margins.

"We would recommend using Live Chat Alternative in order to help to increase sales and quality of service."
Gergana Sulindzhieva
Department of Marketing and Sales
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Purchasing traditional LiveChat software will uncover hidden costs like chat agents’ salaries and others. In differentiation to it, Live Chat Alternative utilizes your existing telephone lines to increase your sales volume without making changes in your staff’s daily routine and without the necessity of hiring new people.