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More reservations from your website.

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Connect tourists from all around the world to your hotel

The Live Chat Alternative helps tourists from all around the world to connect to the hotel reception and to ask questions related to their stay (e.g. Wi-fi, parking etc.) and make a booking. The service increases the performance of all existing booking channels and also acts as an additional channel for direct booking.

No one’s going to make a mistake if they install Live Chat Alternative! This is the best decision I’ve taken. It helped us increase the number of direct reservations by 20%. For us, this is a huge success, because, we do not pay commisions for those reservations unlike ones coming in from travel agencies or

Francesca Filipet, Marketing Manager at "One King West"
Toronto , Canada

Benefits for hotel owners

 20-25% increase in direct bookings during the first 3 months of use.

  • Reduce the cost per reservation (reduce the cost to acquire a new customer).
  • Expand the market reach – by allowing international tourists from all the countries in the world to call your hotel reception free of charge.
  • Do not pay commission – every reservation comes directly at the hotel without third party agencies.
  • Track the performance of all your marketing campaigns and their impact on call conversion.
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Benefits of using the Live Chat Alternative for the tourists.

  • Tourists will have the comfort to connect with your Hotel reception free of charge for both phone conversations and messages from any electronic device (tablet, laptop, computer, smart phone, and more). Tourists will start that call with just one click without the necessity to install additional apps. 
  • Tourist will also be able to send messages and attach important documents through secured and encrypted channel. 

How it works?

It increases bookings by capturing the attention of online tourists who are interested in the hotel but still have some doubts to book their stay. This usually happens because any tourist can compare more than 6 to 12 hotels prior to booking his stay. This is the reason why many tourists are “just looking” at the hotel’s website and leave without even saying “Hello”. 

The Live Chat Alternative captures tourists’ attention by giving them a powerful impulse to contact the hotel free of charge from any country and from any electronic device such as a tablet, telephone, laptop, desktop computer and make a booking.

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monitor reception performance live chat alternative

Wonder how receptionists handle calls? Take control over reception conversations.

Monitor how receptionists greet guests over the phone and guide them towards booking?

  • How they answer tourist questions?
  • How long was the telephone ringing before they took the call?
  • Did they answered all the calls or missed some of them?
  • Were they able to help guests to finish the booking?

I am a marketing manager and my job is to track results. Thanks to the integration with Google Analytics that Live Chat Alternative offers, we’ve managed to identify which advertisement campaigns are effective and which aren’t. Thanks to this, we’ve optimized our advertisement expenses.”

Francesca Filipet, Marketing Manager at "One King West"
Toronto , Canada

Customer Story - Pamporovo PLC

Pamporovo PLC managed to increase event bookings by 35% and direct booking from their website by 28%.

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Some of the travel and tourism companies that are already using the Live Chat Alternative

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Purchasing traditional LiveChat software will uncover hidden costs like chat agents’ salaries and others. In differentiation to it, Live Chat Alternative utilizes your existing telephone lines to increase your sales volume without making changes in your staff’s daily routine and without the necessity of hiring new people.